4 Sexy Portraits of Isadora Nascimento

4 Sexy Portraits of Isadora Nascimento

4 Sexy Portraits of Isadora Nascimento – Emerson Palmieri is rumored to be returning to Napoli. However, salary matters are known to be an obstacle for Partenopei.

The Italian national team player who is currently competing at Euro 2020 is in the spotlight because of this issue. He is predicted to be withdrawn from Chelsea but because of the hefty salary of 4 million euros per year, there are still considerations that make him uncertain.

On the other hand, the public is also curious about the personal affairs of one of Italy’s mainstays at the 2020 European Cup, including about his love relationship with Isadora Nascimento. The love that has existed for a long time is known to still continue to this day.

Well, for those of you who are curious about what the Italian WAGs of Emerson Palmieri’s girlfriend look like, here are some sexy portraits especially for you:

1. Tanktop bra seductive

While on vacation, Isadora did not hesitate to appear open like this. Very active exercise makes his body perfectly awake.

Regarding clothes, she was brave enough to combine a fuschia tanktop bra with a super short black skirt. Also seen there is a black Chanel belt and YSL sling bag which completes her style. Sunglasses are not to be miss.

2. More sports

Yes! This is a portrait of Isadora while exercising. She simply wears a sports bra combined with black leggings, and sneakers. It can seen together, his muscles are very tight, yes.

At this moment, he inform that exercise can done anywhere and using existing tools. Just look at the barbell he’s lifting, looks like homemade cement, right? Cool!

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3. Wear a black bikini

This is the moment Isadora and Palmieri vacation together. In this photo, the blonde woman tagged her lover’s account.

It can seen, Isadora like most celebrities in Indonesia while on vacation to Bali, yes. Floating breakfast alias floating breakfast. Unmitigated, she only had breakfast wearing a black bikini that made her body clearly visible.

4. Evening dresses in flashy colors

When attending the evening party, Isadora immediately changed her appearance into a super sexy woman while still looking glamorous. Yes, the famous soccer player’s girlfriend wore a sexy fashion night dress with a super high cleavage on her thighs.

Not only that, even on the chest, the dress maximizes the beauty of Isadora’s body with the curves at the waist and exposed chest area. Her tanning skin really steals the show, doesn’t it.