Month: July 2021

Regina Turner Sexy Style

Regina Turner Sexy Style

Regina Turner Sexy Style – Regina Turner’s name suddenly became trending on search engine pages. Regina Turner herself is a model, but has retired since becoming a finalist for Miss USA 2011. However, she is trending not because she has returned to the modeling world. Regina is currently being talked about because of her divorce …

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Wika Salim's Pose

Wika Salim’s Pose

Wika Salim’s Pose – Besides her melodious voice, Wika Salim has become an idol figure for Adam because of her beauty. Wika Salim’s beautiful face seems to make men’s eyes stare at him. Salim seems to have its own charm that makes men fascinated. Moreover, the beautiful dancer from Bogor often looks sexy with clothes …

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Natasha Wilona's Sexy Style

Natasha Wilona’s Sexy Style

Natasha Wilona’s Sexy Style – The figure of Natasha Wilona suddenly became a conversation on search engine sites. The beautiful artist is known for her feminine appearance style which is her mainstay. However, on several occasions Natasha Wilona also appeared in a sexy style. Curious what the sexy portrait looks like? Here’s Natasha Wilona’s sexy …

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2021 Summer Wardrobe Trend

2021 Summer Wardrobe Trend

2021 Summer Wardrobe Trend – In this case, I want to say: “Hello again!” Remember how Anastasia Zavorotnyuk flaunted in such skirts in the movie “My Fair Nanny”? So, you can do this again without worrying about your status as a fashionista. Designers returned to flounces, as they recognized them as ideal details for creating …

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Bebizy's Coquettish Style

Bebizy’s Coquettish Style

Bebizy’s Coquettish Style – Recently, a construction worker has been evicted from his workplace for not wearing a mask properly. Even though it was considered against the rules, the dismissal action caused sympathy for the builder. One of them is from singer Bebizy. The ‘Janda Bolong’ singer was moved and gave assistance to the builder. …

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